Saving vital seconds

Innovative solutions for prehospital and out of hospital care

Prehospital care

We support the specialists

MobiMed Emergency is designed for prehospital care. At the incident site or in the ambulance, healthcare personnel can monitor vital parameters and have access to advanced patient record functions and decision support solutions that makes it easier and safer to make clinical decisions.

The MobiMed Emergency system is flexible and can easily be adapted to different workflows and processes MobiMed Emergency can be integrated with other systems, such as existing equipment already used for patient monitoring and defibrillation. The system is based on a number of functional modules and can be customized based on customer workflows and best practice. Modules are easily integrated, both in terms of interface and function giving customers the ability to customize functionality based on their needs. Customers can also choose to start with basic functions and over time develop the system as the demands of the business increase.

Out of hospital care

The future of out of hospital care is already here!

Every day people are cared for at home with the help of municipal home health care. MobiMed for care delivers more advanced care in the home, ensuring that patients with ongoing conditions receive follow-up care, and can be monitored remotely, reducing hospital stays and eliminating unnecessary ambulance trips.

Patients can receive continuous medical care to help create an overall picture of each patient’s needs We provide remote monitoring of patients’ vital parameters, such as ECG, oxygen saturation and blood pressure. The patient’s vital parameters can be assessed and all records and notations are saved in the system for future use. The device is wirelessly connected to MobiMed system’s server and it can be accessed from the health center or another doctor’s office, allowing hospital center staff to take part of the patient’s condition in real-time remotely.

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