Ortivus shares have been listed on the NASDAQ Stockholm Small Cap-lista since January 2, 1997.

The share capital is SEK 15,507,614. Share capital is divided between class A and class B shares. The number of shares outstanding is 44,807,468 of which class A amount to 1,662,682 and class B to 42,644,786. Every class A share carries 10 votes and every class B share carries one vote.

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  •  Interim report Q2 2019: 22/08/2019, 8.30 am
  • Interim report Q3 2019: 25/10/2019, 8.30 am
  • Year-end report Q4 2019: 13/02/2020, 8.30 am
  • Annual report 2019: 18/03/2020
  • Interim Report Q1 2020: 23/04/2020, 8.30 am

Ortivus agreement with Northern Ireland Ambulance Service HSC Trust on ambulance records now signed
Ortivus, as previously announced (March 22nd, 2019), has been awarded a contract for the delivery
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Finansinspektionen: Flaggningsmeddelande i Ortivus Aktiebolag
Flaggningsmeddelande i Ortivus Aktiebolag Anmälan om förvärv eller överlåtelse av finansiella instrument. Emittent 556259-1205 Ortivus
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Reidar Gårdebäck utsedd till ny vd för Ortivus
Styrelsen för Ortivus AB har beslutat utse Reidar Gårdebäck till ny verkställande direktör för Ortivus
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Ortivus AB (publ) (“Ortivus”) genomför en riktad nyemission- tillförs 15 MSEK
Styrelsen för Ortivus AB (publ) har med stöd av bemyndigande från årsstämman 2019 beslutat om
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Kommuniké från Ortivus AB (publ) årsstämma den 6 maj 2019
Aktieägarna i Ortivus AB (publ) höll årsstämma måndagen den 6 maj 2019 i Danderyd. Här
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Delårsrapport för perioden januari – mars 2019 Ortivus AB (publ)
Ortivus vinner ny kund i Nordirland värt 32 MSEK JANUARI – MARS 2019 Nettoomsättningen uppgick
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Ökning av aktiekapitalet i Ortivus AB under april 2019
Ortivus genomförde i februari-mars 2019 en till 100 % fulltecknad företrädesemission omfattande sammanlagt 5.662.687 st
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KALLELSE till årsstämma i Ortivus AB (publ) den 6 maj 2019
Aktieägarna i Ortivus AB (publ), 556259-1205, kallas härmed till årsstämma måndagen den 6 maj 2019
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The board of Ortivus AB (publ) has decided to carry out a 100% secured rights issue of approximately SEK 9 million. The Board’s decision is conditional on the approval of the forthcoming Extraordinary General Meeting, which will be held on February 18, 2019. The proposed pre-emptive share issue intends to improve the Company’s financial position while allowing for continued development of the Company’s operations.

(Documents below are in Swedish only)

  1. Fullmaktsblankett
  2. Styrelseprotokoll
  3. Redogörelse av styrelsen enligt ABL 13-6
  4. Kallelse
  5. Revisorsyttrande
  6. Protokoll extra bolagsstämma i Ortivus

The Board of Directors of Ortivus AB (publ) has, on the basis of authorization from the Annual General Meeting 2019, decided on a new issue comprising 7,500,000 new B shares directed at a small number of specially selected investors. The total share issue raises SEK 15 million before costs for issuing of new shares. The new shares are issued at a subscription price corresponding to SEK 2 per share. The subscription price has been determined on a market basis and corresponds to the volume-weighted price of the company’s B shares during the last 20 trading days with a mark-up of 5%. The investors who signed up for the directed new share issue have undertaken not to sell the newly issued shares within 6 months from the Board’s decision, so-called Lock-up. The rights issue is carried out with the aim of securing further financing of the company’s working capital and the continued development of the company’s operations.

Download the prospectus (in Swedish) “Ortivus-AB-(publ)_Prospekt-avseende-upptagande-till-handel-av-nyemitterade-aktier_2019-07-10” here.