MobiMed Smart provides paramedics with an electronic Patient Record, ePR, using a structured workflow and support that enhances the clinical decision making process. The ePR in combination with vital signs monitoring and the ability to consult with hospital teams prior to arrival, ensures that the patient gets the right care, at the right time, in the right place.

MobiMed Smart has full NHS Spine connectivity and includes the Summary Care Record (SCR) and the Personal Demographics Service (PDS).

MobiMed Smart supports the needs of a modern 21st century ambulance service.


  • Smart-card login
  • Summary Care Record (SCR)
  • Personal Demographics Service (PDS)
  • Monitoring with clinical background from cardiac critical care
  • Easy to configure and adapt to any clinical standard, such as JRCALC, Snomed, etc
  • Easy to integrate with CAD, Defibrillators, information systems at hospitals, etc

Accurate, real-time view of patients at hospitals

MobiMed Smart includes alertable Clinical Workstations at the hospitals, where hospital clinicians gets an accurate, real-time view of the patients’ status. It also incorporates an instant messaging functionality to allow for rapid review of ECG and to support communication between hospital and pre-hospital clinicians.

Right care at the right time

The implementation of MobiMed Smart helps saving lives and provides significant benefits for the entire continuum of care, from the ambulance to the hospital. It allows for the patient to receive the right care at the right time, which is important both for the individual patient but also to ensure that the entire chain of care resources are utilized in the most efficient manner – something that all patients benefit from. It documents clinical and quality indicators, and helps securing better medical outcomes as well as in improved efficiency throughout the prehospital healthcare system.

Support and Delivery

We have experience and knowledge in managing different business models based on customer requirements and demands, from licensing agreements to Managed Service where MobiMed Smart is supplied as a complete service offering.

Ortivus are ISO 20000 certified, the international best practice standard for IT Service Management , and our support staff has extensive experience from working with complex IT installations and medical devices. All support staff are trained in ITIL, a set of principles for managing IT services.

National Frameworks Agreements

Ortivus products and services can be procured via several of the UK’s national frameworks agreements.

Smart ePR

The electronic Patient Record, ePR, is highly configurable and uses a structured model of examination and assessment. It captures clinical interventions and incorporates validated assessment tools, which enhances the clinical decision making process.


  • Smart-card login
  • Summary Care Record (SCR)
  • Personal Demographics Service (PDS)
  • Easy to configure and adapt to any clinical standard, such as JRCALC, Snomed, etc.
  • Web browser – enabling clinicians to view a selection of approved websites.
  • Dynamic reports for Hospital and General Practitioner output form.
  • Camera- taking images and incorporating these in the ePR and reports.
  • Vital signs is automatically transmitted from the monitoring in to the ePR.

Structured and intuitive documentation

The documentation is intuitive and follows international standards for work processes in ambulances, for example according to PHTLS and AMLS, and it has a user-friendly interface based on multiple choice questions and integrated decision support instead of open answer alternatives, resulting in increased efficiency and patient safety.

Paramedics can use the ePR to support the clinical assessment and ensure that patients are conveyed to the most appropriate level of care.

Captured patient data is transmitted in a controlled manner in the form of highly configurable and dynamic output forms. TIA Clinic Referrals, Safeguarding Referrals, Falls Referrals and other clinical outputs can be created and auto populated from data already entered, which further enhances patient experience and the patient outcome. The forms can also be emailed to the GP of the patient.

MobiMed Smart is adherent to Information Governance (IG) requirements, ensuring appropriate use of patient data and personal information.

Smart Monitoring

Prehospital Cardiac Critical Care monitoring

The monitoring in MobiMed Smart has clinical background from Ortivus monitoring solution CoroNet that is used in cardiac critical care units. It provides paramedics and receiving units at the hospital with the information they need to determine a patient’s status, by delivering accurate, real-time view of the patient’s vital signs.

MobiMed Smart monitoring:

  • ECG up to 12 channels
  • SpO2
  • NIBP
  • EtCO2
  • Respiration

It includes trend monitoring of ST-values and Advanced arrhythmia analysis in ECG monitoring.


  • View which automatically detects and displays deviating ECG and vital signs parameters
  • Secure, real-time transfer of 12-lead ECG’s and vital signs from the ambulance to the hospital
  • Diagnostic quality of 12-lead ECG’s
  • Handles monitoring in tough road conditions

Integration with external monitoring/defibrillator devices

MobiMed Smart is integrated and can be used with a number of external monitoring and defibrillator devices:

  • Argus Pro LifeCare
  • ZOLL X Series® Monitor/Defibrillator
  • LIFEPAK® 12 monitor/defibrillator
  • LIFEPAK® 15 monitor/defibrillator
  • Philips HeartStart FR3 AED

The Capnography, 12-lead ECG waveforms, shock events, defibrillation waveforms and snapshots are automatically transmitted through wireless connection from the monitor/defibrillator to the ePR in MobiMed Smart. Vital parameters like NIBP, pulse rate, respiratory rate, SpO2, EtCO2 as well as values for shock energy can also be transmitted to MobiMed Smart. The extent of data/category transfer and the appearance on the ePR pages is adapted to client-specific requirements.

Smart Features

MobiMed Smart is a highly configurable and future-proof platform that is easy to integrate with existing systems and to adapt to organisational needs.

Bespoke solution

MobiMed Smart is not a static system, it is modular, highly configurable and flexible in terms of scope of installation, orientation and interaction with other systems and applications, all depending on the needs of the organisation. The organisation can choose which parts of MobiMed Smart they will use in its operations, build it as large or little as they want it, adjust the documentation to their needs, and implement their own pre-hospital pathways & Fast-tracks, checklists, guidelines and more.

Audits & Performance Indicators

All ambulance organisations are subject to independent audit. The audits of the Ambulance Services and the scope of its work covers not only the audit of financial statements but also value for money and conduct of public business.

In MobiMed Smart all data is stored in a Data Warehouse, accessible for statistical follow-up and to monitor performance against Key Performance Indicators, helping ambulance organisations making sure that patient care is delivered to the highest standard.

Easy to integrate

Integration with, and communication in-between, different systems is one of the largest challenges for today’s healthcare organisations. MobiMed Smart can be integrated with most systems, from mobile data terminals and monitors/defibrillators in the ambulance, to electronic whiteboards, electronic Patient Records and information systems at hospitals. This enables a cohesive flow of information from the ambulance and into the hospital, resulting in greater efficiency and patient safety.

Secure and robust communication

  • Supports all IP-based communication, such as 4G, 3G, GPRS, TETRA (Rakel) and Satellite.
  • Is optimized for poor coverage and low bandwidths, information is saved locally on the computer if the communication is interrupted and is sent when the connection is restored.
  • Encrypted transmission of patient data preventing unauthorized access and preventing data from being corrupted
  • Adherent to Information Governance (IG) requirements, ensuring appropriate use of patient data and personal information.
  • Full traceability of patient data and events
  • Secure login
  • Compliant with ISO 27000 Information Security

Future-proof platform

MobiMed Smart uses the latest programming languages and tools (C#/.Net, WPF, WCF, XAML, SQL, etc.) in combination with standard components. This provides a very efficient and secure development both today and for tomorrow.

Summary Care Records on MobiMed Smart

Ambulance crews can view a patient’s Summary Care Record (SCR), embedded in the ePR of MobiMed Smart.

Easy access to key clinical information

South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust is the first ambulance trust in England to use SCR, giving their staff fast and secure electronic access to essential clinical patient information at the scene. Access to a Summary Care Record in a prehospital setting, makes it easier for crews to get reliable information about a patient’s medication, allergies and other relevant information. It gives the clinicians an increased ability/effectiveness to make informed decisions and an increased efficiency in delivering appropriate care to patients. There are currently fifty two million SCRs in existence.

Ambulance crews are also able to use the Personal Demographic Service, PDS, on MobiMed Smart to identify the doctor of a patient, and if necessary, with appropriate consent, contact the doctor to get information about the patient’s condition.

The SCR in MobiMed Smart has been implemented so that staff in an easy and efficient manner can access the SCR without it interfering with patient care. An SCR check is automatically being done on every patient based on their NHS number, the crew are informed whether the patient has an SCR or not, and can access it by logging in with a Smart card (subject to consent).

Screenshot of the SCR in MobiMed Smart

Improving safety, efficiency and the effectiveness of patient care

The possibility for ambulance crews to access vital patient information on SCR at an early stage, via MobiMed Smart ePR on a mobile device, means they are better positioned to ensure patient care of the highest quality is provided, when in urgent prehospital situations every second counts. The information in the SCR can contribute to the decision making process, helping to determine the correct course of treatment and guide to an appropriate treatment pathway.

Clinicians in ED have reported that the use of the SCR in ED departments improves safety, efficiency and the effectiveness of patient care and has a positive impact on the patient experience. The same can be expected for prehospital use of the SCR.