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Group Management


Working with brains and hearts

For 30 years, Ortivus has combined expert know-how in wireless, IT and medical technology with clinical expertise to build up confidence among a wide circle of international customers.

International business requires increasing emphasis on workforce expertise, especially in sales and marketing in different cultures. It is vital for Ortivus to be an attractive employer. Success is reflected in the ability to recruit and retain the personnel needed to realise the goals of the company. Ortivus encourages its workforce to be participative, to take ownership and to seek joint responsibility. Working at Ortivus is about leadership and co-operation.


Ortivus believes in open, direct, honest communication where everyone encourages everyone else. The individual is highlighted and individual contributions are noticed


Each employee takes responsibility for both his/her own work and that of colleagues. If he/she sees possibilities or difficulties then these are communicated


Cooperation and communication play a decisive role in making the company efficient and successful. Great emphasis is placed on creating team spirit and a culture of “we”.


The work of Ortivus helps to save lives and to increase quality of life. Taking pride in this creates commitment, and in turn creates a positive workplace.


Ortivus exists to do business. Our workforce forges trust and respect among our customers.


Ortivus exists to do business. Our workforce forges trust and respect among our customers.

Strategy – Right care at the right time

The implementation of the right decision support saves lives and provides significant benefits for the entire continuum of care, from the ambulance to the hospital. It allows for the patient to receive the right care at the right time, which is important both for the individual patient but also to ensure that the entire chain of care resources are utilized in the most efficient manner – something that all patients benefit from. Ortivus solutions can, based on different healthcare units’ needs, be customized, integrated and made to interact with other systems and applications

to enable a well-documented record of care and a support for analysis and further business development.

Business model
For healthcare providers, it is increasingly important to have access to safe, patient-friendly and cost-effective systems with good support. Technological advances have made it possible with system solutions that give both operational support and provides advanced decision making support.

There is therefore considerable advantages to continually upgrade the installed solutions.

Ortivus have experience and knowledge in managing different business models based on customer requirements and demands, from licensing agreements to Managed Service where solutions are supplied as a complete service offering.

Research and Development

At the forefront of developments in healthcare

Ortivus ambition is to be constantly innovative and strengthen customer offering, by working closely with customers and through research collaborations. It is important that the company’s solutions can be adapted to customer requirements. Therefore, systems development takes place according to a well-proven methodology, Scrum, which ensure that development projects bring forth what the customer really wants, and that adaptations and new design decisions can be made during the course of

Solutions in healthcare-related operations must conform to clinical and healthcare requirements. Ortivus ambition is to live up to these requirements and deliver solutions at an attractive price. Ortivus is actively involved in research collaborations to early identify new requirements and thus be in the forefront of developments in healthcare. the project in consultation with the customer. This approach also helps shortening lead times in development.

Quality and Regulatory

We are ISO-certified

Ortivus quality system ensures that our processes and solutions are continuously improved. The company is proactively working to meet future changes in regulations and directives. Improvement work is always carried out with a focus on customer expectations in regards to healthcare outcome and efficiency.


Our certifications prove to Ortivus customers, partners and suppliers that the organisation prioritizes continuous improvement in order to deliver the services at the right quality.

Ortivus currently has the following certifications:

  • ISO 20000 IT Service Management
  • ISO 27001 Information Security Management Systems
  • ISO 13485 Quality Management System for the Design and Manufacture of Medical Devices

Both the clinical and the ePR part of MobiMed Smart is CE marked according to MDD (Directive 93/42 / EEC Medical Devices Directive, Annex II) and thus meets the requirements for documentation and archiving system.


Ortivus has an active environmental policy. The ambition is to use as few as possible hazardous substances in the manufacture of our products and for shipment to the customer. Also the packaging, accessories and repairs are examined from an environmental perspective. The products should be easily separated into its components. Ortivus products are composed of standardized components purchased from suppliers. Ortivus has some proprietary hardware that is manufactured by subcontractors according to company specifications. The company has therefore no production of hardware components in-house. In the selection of subcontractors is environmental management an essential decision criterion. Ortivus chooses consumables, components and production methods in cooperation with the subcontractors.

Ortivus products complies with the RoHS Directive on the restriction of use of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic products.