If you want to really understand and be able to use our products in a technical way and to easily troubleshoot minor errors then our training opportunities are the perfect way. Our training is specially formed for Medical Technical Engineers and Super Users.

General information regarding the courses:

Course Technical training on Ortivus systems for medical technologies
Location Ortivus premises in Danderyd, Stockholm
Products CoroNet, MobiMed
Course objectives After successful participation, the participant should be able to:
- understand the principals of the system
- understand and be able to use documents related to technical service
- be familiar with the relations between the different subsystems
- be familiar with the most common application issues
- perform preventive maintenance on the system
- troubleshoot and replace routine spare parts and accessories
- update software and hardware in the system
Prerequisites - good knowledge of common user operations of the system
- understand English in writing (some documents are in English)
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