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    Case report Uppsala Date added: 03/05/2010Tags: ambulance, case report, ePR, MobiMed

    New electronic patient record (ePR) makes patient care at the Academic hospital more efficient. Pre-hospital care in the ambulance is becoming more important, since many medical procedures are carried out before patients arrive at the hospital. The ambulance services in Uppsala County in Sweden are precursors within the ambulance IT field as they use research of their own as well as of others in order to make the care chain more efficient. When the organisation wanted to improve their patient record management they turned to Ortivus. Implementing MobiMed ePR has resulted in simplified work processes for the staff. The system also provides the organisation with a better source for evaluation and research. Above all, the patient information is now significantly more structured and relevant and the staff, both in the ambulance and at the hospital, has gained access to the information in a completely new and innovative manner. Read more

    Pre-hospital eHealth – a way towards improved patient safety, more efficient utilization of resources and better medical outcome Date added: 14/12/2009Tags: ambulance, eHealth, MobiMed, pre-hospital, safety

    As a result of higher requirements on patient safety, efficiency and medical outcome, pre-hospital healthcare is increasingly becoming an integral part of the overall healthcare system. The significance of care processes, fast tracks and cooperation between stakeholders and systems is growing. This implies a partly changed role, but also a need for new tools to support this way of working. Read more

    Thesis on Pre-hospital Triage as a possibility in Sweden Date added: 06/07/2009Tags: ADAPT, clinical pathways, emergency medical services, EMS, lean healthcare, METTS, MobiMed, Prehospital, treat & leave, treat & refer, triage

    As part of his studies at Karolinska Institutet, Ortivus co-worker Per Kjell have presented a thesis titled “Prehospital triage & patientstyrning inom ambulanssjukvården” (prehospital triage and patient logistics within ambulance care). The thesis (in Swedish with abstract in English) gives a background to triage, a state-of-the art overview, a deeper analysis of the methods primarily used in Sweden (METTS and ADAPT), and a model for how these methods may be applied within Ortivus pre-hospital eHealth platform MobiMed. Read more

    MobiMed improves care of STEMI-patients according to study in Neuss, Germany Date added: 14/05/2009Tags: ambulance, MobiMed, STEMI

    As part of a yearly evaluation of the care provided to ST-Elevation Myo-cardial Infarction (STEMI) patients in the region of Neuss in Germany, some aspects of MobiMed were evaluated. MobiMed was used in all ambulances in the region during the majority of 2008, and thereby empowered the regional “ACS-Netzwerk” focused around Lukas Krankenhaus in Neuss. The results show that ambulance STEMI-patients being handled through MobiMed have a lower death risk than those being handled the “traditional” way. Read more

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